What is Back-office?

Client can access all type of financial reports regarding its trading account.

How can I access my BackOffice?

To access BackOffice, go to https://bo.ashlarindia.com/Account/Login and click on back-office option.
Enter user id and password.

Financial Reports

Net Position

Settlement Bills

Delivery Related Report

Contract Note

Any Other Charges debit in my trading account Except Brokerage?

Yes, Exchange charges apply like:

Transaction Charges, Clearing Charges, SEBI, STT, Service Tax and Stamp Duty. 

What is a Settlement cycle?

Each trading day is considered as a trading period and trades executed during the day are settled based on the net obligations for the day. At NSE and BSE, trades in rolling settlement are settled on a T+2 basis, i.e. on the 2nd working day. For arriving at the settlement day all intervening holidays, which include bank holidays, NSE/BSE holidays, Saturdays and Sundays are excluded. Typically trades taking place on Monday are settled on Wednesday, Tuesday's trades settled on Thursday and so on.

If I have purchased a share, do I have to take delivery?

Rolling Segment: You can choose to sell the share before the end of Settlement cycle. However once the settlement cycle is over you have to take delivery by paying for it.

TT Segment: Settlement of securities will be done without any netting off of positions. If you have purchased shares, you will have to mandatorily take delivery. You will not be permitted to sell the same in the same settlement. 

If I have sold, do I have to give delivery of shares?

You have to give the delivery of shares from your Demat account. 

Do I get an Auto pay-in facility in my Demat Account?

Yes, you are eligible for Auto pay-in facility through submission of a duly signed Power of Attorney.

When buy a share, how will the payment be made and how will I get the shares?

The payment will be made on the before Pay-In day which depends on the Settlement cycle and the exchange. The shares received from the exchange will be transferred to your Demat Account.

I have bought some shares but shares have not come into my Demat account?

The shares will come into your Demat account at the time of Settlement. Hence you can expect the shares to come into your Demat account on Pay-Out of securities (i.e. T+2). In case you do not receive the shares, it may be due to the stock being in 'No Delivery' period. In this case the shares will come from the exchange after the 'No Delivery' period is over which could be 4-5 Days away. Alternatively, it is possible that the shares may not have come from the exchange because of short delivery by the counter party (selling broker).. In this case, the exchange conducts an auction to buy the shares (to the extent delivered short by any broker) from the open market and the shares may be received a few days later. If the shares are not received in an auction also, the exchange suitably charges penalty from the person liable to deliver the shares. You are suitably compensated and the consideration is remitted to you as soon as it is received from the exchange.

What is a short delivery?

Short delivery refers to a situation where a client, who has sold certain shares during a settlement cycle, fails to deliver the shares to the member either fully or partly.

What happens if the shares are short delivery?

The Exchange squares up the transaction as per SEBI guidelines. The guideline in force stipulates that the transaction is squared up at the highest price on the relevant trading period till the auction day or at 20% above the last available closing price on the exchange on the auction day, whichever is higher.

What forms of Margin are acceptable for taking futures and options positions?

By cheque, NEFT and RTGS or pledging approved securities.

How can I get our payout of funds?

You can make a funds payout request by:
Go to https://bo.ashlarindia.com/Account/Login and select payout request option

All requests are processed and checked for the following parameters:
Clear funds, Payout due or not as per the settlement cycle. Any shares sold but not delivered.


For whom is this applicable to?

This is applicable for both online and offline trading customers.

What are the types of trading account that I can open with Ashlar?

Equity, Commodity, and Currency account can be opened.

Who are eligible for opening a trading account?

Any individual, Hindu undivided family (HUF), partnership firm or a company.

How to open an account?

It’s simple: Apply online, call our Customer Care number 0120-6633205 or visit our office.

What are the documents do I need to submit for opening the trading account?


  1. Recent passport size photograph(s) of Applicant(s)
  2. PAN card
  3. Proof of address
  4. Proof of Identity
  5. Cancelled cheque
  6. Latest Six months bank statement or  pass book


  1. PAN of HUF.
  2. Cancelled cheque of HUF
  3. Latest Six months bank statement or  pass book  in the name of HUF.
  4. Deed of declaration of HUF/ List of coparceners.
  5. Photograph, POI, POA, PAN of Karta.


  1. Pan card of partnership firm
  2. Address proof of partnership firm
  3. Cancel cheque  of partnership firm
  4. Latest Six months bank statement or  pass book of partnership firm
  5.  Last two financial years balance sheet .
  6. Certificate of registration (for registered partnership firms only)
  7. Partnership deed.
  8. Authorized signatories list with specimen signatures.
  9. Declaration by Partnership Firm on letter head (format available in kyc form)
  10. Photograph, POI, POA, PAN of Partners.


  1. PAN card of the company
  2. Address proof of the company
  3. Cancelled cheque of the company
  4. Latest Six months bank statement
  5. List of Directors with specimen signatures
  6. List of Authorised signatories with specimen signatures.
  7. Board Resolution.
  8. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  9. Last two financial years balance sheet
  10. Latest share holding pattern
  11. Photograph, POI, POA, PAN and DIN numbers of whole time directors

Please ensure that all the requires documents are self-attested with your signature.

Is it mandatory to self attest the photocopies of all the documents provided?

Yes, It is mandatory to self attest all the photocopies of the documents.

I want to sign the KYC form as per my bank account, can I do so? What is the additional document required for the same?

You can sign the KYC form as per your bank signature and you need to take signature verification letter (affixing your photo attested by the bank on it) from your bank or you can provide the margin cheque for signature verification.

Is mobile number and email id mandatory for account opening and Why?

Yes, Mobile number and email id is mandatory because you will get the trade confirmation, contract note, exchange updations etc.

I am staying in a rented flat; can the rent agreement be valid as my permanent address?

No, address of rented house cannot be considered as a valid permanent address but can be accepted as a correspondence address proof.

I do not have latest 6 months Bank statement with me for trading in derivative market, what are the other optional documents that can be taken as financial proof?

You can provide any one of the following -* Copy of ITR Acknowledgement (for last financial year)* Copy of Annual Accounts (for last financial year)* Copy of Form 16 in case of salary income (for last financial year)* Net worth certificate (latest one, or at the end of last financial year)* Salary Slip (for last 3 months)* Copy of Demat account Holding statement (not more than 3 months old)

How can Ashlar verify documents which are to be submitted?

After receive your account documents, we will conduct a IPV (In-Person-Verification) to verify your documents. We would do this either by sending a staff member to the customer’s residence and matching the identification proofs with the person “in person” or to use web cameras to identify their clients.

What are the least amount of margin that I need to pay Ashlar Securities to start trading?

You can start trading by placing a minimum margin of Rs. 1000/-or it can be in the form of Liquidated Stocks.

How soon would my trading account be opened?

Your account will be opened within one day after your completed application form received.

What documents would I receive once the account is opened?

You will receive the welcome kit containing details of your account with us.

How do I update the details in the trading profile?

You can update the details by sending the modification request by your registered email id to us.
i.e. (care@ashlarindia.com)

Is the Ashlar Securities site secure for me to trade on?

No doubt it is secure: Ashlar Securities uses the most advanced encryption technology, to ensure that the information transmitted between you and us across the internet is safe and cannot be accessed by any outsider.

What IRDA stands for?

IRDA stands for the Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India which governs Insurance industry.

What is an 'Insurance Repository'?

'Insurance Repository' is a company formed and registered under the Companies Act, 1956. It has also been granted a certificate of registration under the "Guidelines on Insurance repositories and electronic issuance of insurance policies" by IRDA. NDML has named its repository as National Insurance-policy Repository (NIR).

What is the objective of an Insurance Repository?

The objective of an insurance repository is to provide proposer/policyholder a facility to keep insurance policies in electronic form. The Insurance repository system also brings about efficiency and transparency in the issuance and maintenance of insurance policies.

What is an e-Insurance Account (eIA)?

'e-Insurance Account' (eIA) is the portfolio of insurance policies of a proposer/policyholder held in an electronic form with an insurance repository. This e-Insurance account facilitate the policyholder by providing access to the insurance portfolio at a click of a button through internet. This will help eIA holder to keep a track of insurance policies (life as well as non life) under one umbrella.

Do I need to pay for opening of e-Insurance Account or on any charges relating to services availed by me?

NO. e-Insura nce account is offered 'free of cost' to the applicants. There are no charges levied to the individual for opening the eIA, maintaining the eIA and for changing any details of the eIA.

How can I open the eIA?

eIA can be opened in two simple steps. eIA can be opened by filling the eIA application either online at
or writing the details on the physical form and submitting the same to Ashlar.

What are the steps to be followed by Individuals for eIA opening?

  • Fill eIA opening form - either online or in form.
  • Submit it to Ashlar along with the KYC documents.
  • Carry original documents while submitting application for the purpose of KYC verification and receive acknowledgement.

How many days does it take to open an eIA?

An eIA will be opened within 7 days of the receipt of the application form from the applicant.

Within how many days will I receive my login ID and password?

You will be intimated of your login id immediately after the eIA creation through an SMS and email. The login id and password be sent to you as a part of the welcome kit which will be dispatched within 7 days from the date of acceptance of eIA opening request.

What KYC documents are required?

Proof of Identity (any one of the following

  1. PAN
  2. UID

Proof of Address (any one of the following)

  1. Regd. Lease and License Agreement/ Agreement for sale
  2. Aadhar Letter
  3. Ration Card
  4. Driving License
  5. Passport
  6. Voter ID Card
  7. Bank Passbook (not more than 6 months old)
  8. Electricity Bill (not more than 6 months old)
  9. Residence Telephone Bill (not more than 6 months old)
  10. Self-declaration by High Court and Supreme Court judges, giving the new address in respect of their own accounts
  11. Identity card/document with address, issued by Central/State Government and its Departments
  12. Identity card/document with address, issued by Statutory/Regulatory Authorities
  13. Identity card/document with address, issued by Public Sector Undertakings
  14. Identity card/document with address, issued by Scheduled Commercial Banks
  15. Identity card/document with address, issued by Public Financial Institutions
  16. Identity card/document with address, issued by Colleges affiliated to universities
  17. Identity card/document with address, issued by Professional Bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, Bar Council
    etc. to their Members


Proof of Date of Birth (any one of the following)

  1. PAN Card
  2. Domicile Certificate
  3. Ration Card
  4. Driving License
  5. Passport
  6. Voter ID Card
  7. Municipal birth Certificate
  8. Notarized Birth Certificate
  9. Baptism Certificate
  10. Marriage Certificate issued by Church
  11. Identity card/document with address, issued by Central/State Government and its Departments
  12. Gram Panchayat Certificate
  13. Identity card/document with address, Public Sector Undertakings
  14. Defense ID including Ex-serviceman card issued to Defense personnel/ certificate of DOB issued by commanding officer with his seal & signature on the same
  15. Identity card/document with address, issued by Colleges affiliated to universities
  16. Central Govt. Health scheme certificate for their employees/ family members/ dependants
  17. Govt. service registers extract/certificates issued by Govt. to its employees
  18. Employer's PF statement
  19. ESIS Card ( Employees State Insurance Scheme )
  20. Employer's certificate from Govt, Semi Govt., MNC, Public Ltd, Reputed Private Ltd. Organizations only
    The certificate must be on the letterhead, duly signed & stamped by the authorised signatory
  21. Certified School/ College Extract including School/ College leaving certificate/ Degree certificates/ mark
    sheet or hall ticket or admit card issued by Educational Board (10 & 12th std) reflecting DOB of eI Aapplicant
  22. Policy Document of other private insurers
  23. LIC Policy
  24. Islander cards for Residents of Andaman & Nicobar Island
  25. Pilgrim pass issued for Haj Pilgrimage

Can a minor hold an eIA?

eIA cannot be opened by a minor as the eIA has to be of a proposer and proposer cannot be a minor.

Can I open eIA in joint name?

No, eIA can’t be opened on joint names.

Can I have multiple eIAs?

No, as per IRDA guidelines individuals are allowed to have only one eIA within and across Insurance repositories.

I do not have policies now, can I open eIA?

Yes, individuals can open eIA even if they do not hold any policies currently. Later on when individuals wants to buy policy the same can be issued in electronic format, it will get credited to eIA if he mentions his eIA number at the time of buying the policy.

Who can be Authorized Representative? OR Why Authorized Representative is mandatory?

An Authorized Representative is like a trustee to the e-Insurance Account (eIA) and has to be deputed by eIA holder. An Authorized Representative is a person appointed by eIA holder who can access eIA in the event of the eIA holder's demise or in his incapacity to access the eIA. The Authorized Representative can only access the e- Insurance Account and know the portfolio of insurance policies.

Can eIA holder and Authorized Representative access the account at the same time?

No, Authorized Representative will get access to eIA only in the event of eIA holder's demise or in his incapacity to access the eIA.

Can I change my Authorized Representative?

Yes, eIA holder has a right to change Authorized Representative.

Can nominee and authorized representative be the same person?

Yes, nominee can be appointed as authorized representative.

Is it compulsory to appoint Authorized representative?

Yes, it is compulsory to appoint Authorized representative.

Can minor be authorized representative?

No, minor can't be appointed as Authorized representative.

What is the benefit of appointing authorized representative?

In case of demise of eIA holder, Authorized representative helps nominee to initiate the claim process.

Once I login to eIA, what activities I will be able to carry out?

Currently eIA facilitates below mentioned activities.

  1. View policy details
  2. View scanned images of policy proposal form and terms and conditions
  3. View account details (data as per eIA opening form)

I have different policies with different nominees. Can I keep all those insurance policies in single account?

Yes, Individual can hold policies with different nominees in single account. Only the proposer of the policy should
be same.

Can I change my policy details online?

No, eIA holder is not allowed to make changes in policy related data through NIR. For any policy servicing related requests, you are requested to contact respective insurance companies.



While utmost care has been exercised while developing the FAQs, Ashlar does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information and disclaims all liabilities, losses and damages arising out of the use of this information. The readers are requested to keep abreast of the changes taking place in the underlying provisions of IRDA



What is the login procedure?


  • Type https://trade.wisdomcapital.in in the browser.
  • Click on the Login button on Trading: Trading login
  • Click Continue To Login
  • The following Login page will open.
  • Provide User ID and Password (Under Online Trading Account)
  • Click LOGIN.
  • For first time login, the system will provide you the Password expiry details. Click OK.


 I have forgotten my password, how do I retrieve the same?

  • Mail to care@ashlarindia.com from client registered mail id.
  • You will receive the new password at your registered Email address.
  • Now you can login with the password received on your Email.
  • The system will take you to Change Password Screen to change that password.


What is the password policy?

Please keep these points in mind while changing your password:

  • Minimum Length – 6 characters
  • Maximum Length – 12 characters
  • Complexity - Passwords should be alphanumeric.
  • Passwords are case sensitive and the user name or login ID is not case sensitive
  • Password History – 8 unique password before an old password may be reused
  • Maximum password age – 14 days
  • System mandated changing of password when the user logs in for the first time. 


Order & Trades

How to place Buy Order?

You can place the buy order in two ways i.e. either from Market watch or from Place Order window. Place Buy Order from Market Watch window:

  • Right click on the scrip from Market Watch and Select Buy
  • Buy Order form window will open.
  • Fill the details of Order form and click Submit.
  • Click Confirm to send the Order or EDIT to EDIT the order.
  • You will get the message as Order Placed Successfully.
  • User can check the status of Order in Order book.


How to place Sell Order?

You can place the sell order in two ways i.e. either from Market watch or from Place Order window. Place Sell Order from Market Watch window:

  • Right click on the scrip from Market Watch and Select Sell
  • Sell Order form window will open.
  • Fill the details of Order form and click Submit.
  • Click Confirm to send the Order or EDIT to EDIT the order.
  • User can check the status of Order in Order book. User can check the status of Order in Order book.


Order Book

Order book is the window that shows the status of the Orders placed by the customer. The Customer can view all the Orders together or sort on Order type, product type, exchange, scrip. Sorting is also available on the Order status i.e. Executed /Pending /Cancelled/Rejected/AMO Orders.


Trade Book

  • Trade Book shows the details of all the trades executed.
  • The trade book is available under Home->Transact Now-> Trade Book.
  • Trade book can viewed Asset Wise. Select the Asset from the Asset List available on the right side of the Trade book.
  • The details available under trade book are Symbol, Trade Id, Transaction Type (i.e. Buy/Sell), Trade price, Total Traded Quantity, Amount, Order Id, and Product Type (i.e. Intraday / Delivery)


he Position window displays the combined net position details for the equities and the derivatives market segment.. All details such as contract, total buy/sell quantity, buy/sell average, net quantity, net average, net value, net price, market price, mark to market value position, mark to market gain/loss for the derivatives segment are displayed in this window.

Where do I check the Net Position?

Customer can check the Net Position under the Positions tab. Select Menu Transact Now -> Select any Asset either of(Equity/Derivatives/Commodities/Currencies) ->Positions Note: The position can be seen asset wise only under the selected Asset Menu->Positions

When will my shares come into my account?

The equity shares will come into the account on T+2 working day. Please check the Postions for different Assets will be available under Position Menu

Where do I check MTM of the positions?

Member can check the MTM under the Positions. Note: The position can be seen asset wise only under the selected Asset Menu->Positions

What is MTM?

MTM is Mark to Market on the open Positions. It will show what is the unrealized profit/loss for that particular stock.



Banking Association


Which banks are available for online fund transfer?

Currently the following list of banks are available to transfer the funds Online:


  1. Axis Bank
  2. Bank of India
  3. Bank of Maharashtra
  4. Catholic Syrian Bank
  5. City Union Bank
  6. Deutsche Bank
  7. Federal Bank
  8. HDFC Bank
  9. ICICI Bank
  10. IDBI Bank
  11. Indian Bank
  12. Indian Overseas Bank
  13. Indusind Bank
  14. Jammu and Kashmir Bank
  15. Karnataka Bank
  16. Karur Vysya Bank
  17. Kotak Mahindra Bank
  18. Lakshmi Vilas Bank Net Banking
  19. State Bank of Bikaner and jaipur
  20. State Bank of Hyderabad
  21. State Bank of India
  22. State Bank of Mysore
  23. State Bank of Travancore
  24. State Bank of Patiala
  25. Yes Bank


What are the other facilities to allocate the funds for trading?

Customer can also transfer funds by providing cheque at the Branch for the amount to be transferred.


I have transferred the funds online but it’s not reflecting?

Login to your bank account and check whether the debit entry has happened or not. In case the debit entry can be seen in your bank account but the funds are not reflecting on your trading website, then call our customer support 0120-6633205 with the transaction details as well as the reference number generated during the fund transfer.

Is there any timing to transfer the funds online?

You can transfer the funds anytime from 7.30 am to midnight depending on the facility availability on your net banking account.

Can I withdraw Funds online and How?

YES. You can Place your request through our Website www.ashlarindia.com -Login_option - Payout Request  Or Place the fund withdrawal request on Customer care no 0120-6633205 or mail us at care@ashlarindia.com.


Or by clicking


Call N Trade


What is Call n Trade facility?

Call n trade means customer calls over phone to place the order/trade in Equity, F&O, IPO, Mutual Fund, NCDs. The Call n trade facility is available. Customers can call on 0120-6633200 211-214.


Basic & Installation

What is XTS?

XTS is trading software provided by ASHLAR SECURITIES .

What is XTS Trader?

XTS Trader is an exe based trading software.

In which exchange, we can trade through XTS software?

On XTS software you can trade in

  • NSE (All segment i.e. Cash, derivative & Currency)
  • BSE (Cash & Derivative segment only)
  • MCX

How I install XTS software on a computer?

  • Download XTS Trader
    Download XTS Trader from www.ashlarindia.com
    Download link
  • Installation Process
    Double click on XTS Trader EXE – Click on Next – Accept license agreement – Provide Company Name & Click on Next -- Under setup type select complete setup & click on Next – click on Install – click on Finish.

When I am login it show error Invalid Login Password, provide solution.

This problem occur when client trying to login with incorrect password. Call to Customer Care to reset password. New password will be sent on your registered mail ID. Please check your register mail ID (also spam folder) & login again.

I am trying to login it show Password Expire. Provide solution.

XTS Trader Password expires after every 14th day. Now you have to change your password. In Password Field type current password &in new password field type new password & confirm again.

At the time Application Open I am getting Failed to Connect Server error. Give solution

This is due to Internet connectivity, Please check Internet Connection.

How add script after ID login?

After login Press F4 or go to Market—Market Watch – in Market Watch field select exchange & add script.

How to place buy order?

Press F1 or right click on a Script, fill required details – Click on Submit

How to place sell order?

Press F2 or right click on a Script, fill required details – Click on Submit

How to check Order Book, Trade book & Net Position?

Press F3 for Orders Book
Press F8 for Trade Book
Press F11 for Net Position

Intraday Chart not showing after ID Login. Give solution.

This issue regarding for XTS Trader Registration, For this first Please relogin, if you are facing same issue Please connect IT Team.

ITSupport - 0120-6633215,216,217



Office Address Details

  • REG. Address : A-38, Sector-67, Noida
    Uttar Pradesh India - 201301
  • COR. Office : 1D, A-1 Sector-10, Noida
    Uttar Pradesh India - 201301
  • Landline No : 0120-6633205,286
  • Email : compliance@ashlarindia.com

Exchange/SEBI Registration No :

NSE-CM: INZ000203739 | NSE-F&O: INZ000203739 | NSE-CDS: INZ000203739 | BSE: INZ000203739 | MCX: INZ000203739 | NCDEX: INZ000203739 | DP ID -IN303921 | SEBI Regn. No. :IN-DP-236-2016


No need to issue cheques by investors while subscribing to IPO. Just write the bank account number and sign in the application form to authorise your bank to make payment in case of allotment. No worries for refund as the money remains in investor's account.”    |     "Prevent Unauthorized Transactions in your demat/trading account --> Update your Mobile Numbers/email IDs with your Depository Participant/Stock broker. Receive alerts on your Registered Mobile for all debit and other important transactions in your demat account directly from NSDL(on the same day) /Exchange (at the end of the day) ......................issued in the interest of investors."     |     "KYC is one time exercise while dealing in securities markets - once KYC is done through a SEBI registered intermediary (broker, DP, Mutual Fund etc.), you need not undergo the same process again when you approach another intermediary."    |     (As instructed by SEBI, We hereby declare that we do engage in proprietary trading in all segment across the exchange.)
Effective communication & Speedy redressal of the grievances a. Register on SCORES portal b. Mandatory details for filing complaints on SCORES: i. Name, PAN, Address, Mobile Number, Email ID c. Benefits: i. Effective communication ii. Speedy redressal of the grievances link: https://scores.gov.in/scores/Welcome.html | link: https://ashlarindia.in/FAQ-SCORES.pdf
Handling of clients’ Securities by Trading Members/Clearing Members | Download Circular | Consequently, the date 'August 31, 2019' in clause 5 of the circular shall be substituted as 'September 30,2019' and the date 'September 1, 2019' in clause 8 of the circular shall be substituted as 'October 1, 2019'.
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